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Inside Salon Suites & Spa

Behind Perky Beans Coffee

2082 US Hwy 183 Suite 180 Leander, TX. 78641

Indulging in Hair

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I am an experienced personal stylist with over 15 years of expertise in caring for and managing diverse hair textures. Residing in Cedar Park, Tx., Leander, Tx., and Liberty Hill, TX., I am proud to be one of the few natural curly hair specialists in the area. My focus is on precision curly haircuts, aiming for a frizz-free result. Proficient in natural, biracial, curly, fine, thick, and resistant hair types, I leverage a blend of natural and organic products free from parabens and sulfates to rid hair and the scalp of environmental impurities. Having studied haircare extensively in Europe for five years, I possess advanced insights into various hair textures. Recognizing the uniqueness of each hair type, I tailor products to preserve your hair’s integrity. Looking forward to meeting you soon!

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 Healing Treatment For Your Hair 

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